Issuance of Export House Status Certificates

Export House:

Exporters of all sectors including service provider are eligible for Status Holder Certificate.

Status Category :

Applicant shall be categorized depending on his total FOB (FOR for deemed exports) export performance during current plus previous three years (taken together). For Export House (EH) Status, export is necessary in at least two out of four years (i.e., current plus previous three years).

Status Category Export Performance FOB / FOR Value (Rupees in Crores) :

  • One Start Export House app. RS. 20 CRORES
  • Two Star Export House app RS. 155 CRORES
  • Three Star Export House app RS. 620 CRORES
  • Four Star Export House app RS. 3,100 CRORES
  • Five Star Export House app RS. 12,400 CRORES

Benefits to Status Holder :

There are few benefits listed in FTP, mainly:

  • Fixation of SION within 60 days.
  • Exemption from furnishing bank guarantee for imports under FTP schemes.
  • Green channel clearance of export / import.
  • Longer realization period of export proceeds of 9 months.
  • Under GST regime, bank guarantee is not required by exporter for exports.



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