Authorisation - not a Right: No person may claim an Authorisation as a right and DGFT can refuse to grant a license.

Second Hand Goods are freely importable except electronics / photocopier / A.C and D.G. sets. All other second hand capital goods are freely importable.

Free Exports: (Para 2.39 of FTP) All goods may be exported without any restriction except to the extent that such exports are regulated by ITC (HS) or any other provision of FTP or any other law in force.

DGFT as a facilitator of exports / imports: DGFT has a commitment to function as a facilitator of exports and imports.

Served Export from India Scheme (SEIS) Entitlement: SEIS benefit will be allowed on the Net Foreign Exchange earned.

SEIS: Authorisation can be utilized for payment of Custom duty, Composition fees under FTP. This credit script valid for 18 months.




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