Objective & criteria of the scheme

SEIS: To accelerate growth in export of services from India, and to create a powerful and unique 'Served From India' brand, instantly recognizable and respected world over, the Govt. of India has launched this scheme for Service Providers, of services which are listed in Appendix 3D of HBP v1 and who have free foreign exchange earning of at least Rs. 10 Lakhs in current financial year will be eligible for Duty Credit Scrip under SEIS scheme. For Individual Indian Service Providers, minimum free foreign exchange earnings would be Rs 5 Lakhs.

Services not covered in Appendix 3D of HBPv1 will not be eligible for SEIS benefits.

Under the scheme, foreign exchange earned through International Credit Cards and other instruments for rendering of service by the Indian service providers shall also be taken into account for the purposes of computation of duty credit entitlement


To incentivise export of such products which have high export intensity / employment potential, (so as to offset infrastructure inefficiencies and other associated costs involved in marketing of these products), the Govt. of India has introduced this scheme.


(a) Export of products (listed in Table 1 of Appendix 3B of HBPv1) to all countries (including SEZ units) shall be entitled for Duty Credit Scrip equivalent to 2 % or 5% of FOB value of exports (in free foreign exchange) for exports made from 01.05.2015 onwards, unless a specific date of export / period is specified by public notice / notification.

All above scrip are freely transferable .



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